GentleDry™ Technology - as close to raw as possible!
real avocados
Our patented GentleDry™ Technology is a new, mild-temperature drying method that maintains our fruit’s natural color, flavor, and nutrients. Conventional dried fruit products are processed using hot air, freeze dryers, or oil fryers. These methods destroy flavor, color, leave the fruit void of nutrients and can add unnatural, ingredients such as industrial oils and preservatives. By drying our fruit without freezing, exposing them to oxygen or excessive heat, we are able to craft the most natural and unique products the world has ever seen.

Avocados and bananas are very sensitive to oxygen, heat, and freezing. They turn brown and spoil very easily. Our method is the first and only way to preserve the vibrant color of avocados and bananas and produce the amazing BranchOut snack and powder line. We spent 3 years developing the perfect Avocado Chips, Chewy Banana Bites, Avocado Powder and more, bringing you the best that nature has to offer.

Our technology dries our freshly harvested fruit very quickly at mild temperatures to lock in nature's goodness. This rapid drying time not only keeps the fruit as “raw” as possible but also equates to reduced energy usage when compared to conventional processing methods. The benefit of quick, efficient drying not only makes for a superior product, it cuts down on our environmental impact as well. We are proud of our reduced carbon footprint as a result of the process efficiency.