BranchOut is an international food-tech company delivering truly extraordinary natural snacks and real superfood ingredients. Enabled by our new and superior GentleDry dehydration technology, our products have better flavor, color & nutrition. We got our start with a small dehydration machine set up in Bend Oregon in 2018. Since then, we have expanded with large-scale factories in Peru and Chile. We are now are immerse in some of the most abundant fruit and vegetable growing regions in the world. Using our vast network of local farmers, we select the freshest raw produce close to the factory. We then dehydrate and package immediately, locking in Mother Nature's goodness. From farm to pack in 10 days or less, preserving the color, flavor, and nutrition.

Doing Good is in our Nature

The U.N. estimates that over 55% of Latin American grown fruit and vegetables go to waste. BranchOut was established to do better by making a difference everywhere

we can.

  • We upcycle “ugly” fruit and vegetables giving local farmers more income & reducing the environmental impact from food waste.

  • Our dehydration equipment runs on 100% carbon free energy.

  • Our dehydration process makes the products stable, reducing downstream spoilage and food waste.

  • By removing the water (dehydration) we lower the weight by 70-80%. This makes shipping more efficient with a lower carbon footprint.

  • SMETA Certified to ensure responsible & ethical sourcing.