GentleDry™ Technology

as close to raw as possible!

Our new GentleDry Technology preserves Mother Nature’s color, flavor, and nutrition like never before!

Conventional drying methods such as air drying and freeze-drying use hot air or freezing, and long process times. The result is low-quality products that are brown and leathery or have muted color and a chalky texture.

During the GentleDry process, our fresh fruits and vegetables are never frozen, never oxidized, and never excessively heated. These attributes combined with a very short process time, leave the dried fruits and vegetables as close to “raw” as possible. You will notice vibrant, natural colors, intense flavors, and unique textures. Considering our process also locks in the majority of the original nutritional value, you have got to try these…


How do we do this?

GentleDry Technology uses a combination vacuum chamber & radiant energy, resulting in a rapid, gentle drying process. The vacuum removes the air around the product, eliminating nearly all oxidation and browning. In addition, the vacuum lowers the water's boiling point, enabling a more efficient energy transfer. The energy is absorbed by the material volumetrically, promoting a uniform dehydration process. By controlling the pressure and energy, we can effectively control the product's temperature and final moisture to dial in the desired texture, crunchy or chewy.

What Makes GentleDry Technology Better?

Vacuum Chamber 

  • Lower boiling point for efficient, low-temp processing.

  • Elimination of oxidative browning. Perfect for avocados, bananas and other sensitive items.

  • Can add a pleasing puff to the products or customized texture, soft, chewy or crunchy.

Radiant Energy

  • Fast and uniform volumetric heating.

  • Precise temperature regulation, process control, and customization.

  • Low heat for maximum flavor and nutrition retention. Never "cooked".

Process Time

  • Freeze-dry and air dry can take 2-3 days. The GentleDry process is about 30-40min.

  • Lower process time = less damage to the fruit/veggie.

  • Better control over the finished product.

Better for the Planet

  • Rapid & efficient drying = lower carbon foot print. 

  • We dry "ugly" produce that would otherwise go to waste. 

  • Drying removes about 70-80% of the weight from water, making shipping more efficient.

  • Our factory is powered by carbon free energy.

Why are GentleDry™ Fruits and Vegetables Better?

Intense Flavor  

Independent lab tests prove the GentleDry process retains more flavor. Give it a try!

Perfect Color

GentleDry locks in the perfect, natural color by minimizing oxidation.

Nutrition Preserved

 Rapid & gentle process with no freezing, no oxidizing, and mild heat = more nutrition preserved.

More Flavor & Aroma - Pineapple Example

Our GentleDried pineapple was tested for aromatic compounds by a 3rd party lab. These compounds make up pineapple’s flavor and aroma. The total was 3X higher than freeze dried. Air-dried pineapple compounds measured near zero or were undetectable.

Ethyl hexanoate
- gives pineapple its characteristic smell:
6X times higher.

Trans-β-Ocimene - monoterpene that gives the sweet, floral, herbal aroma:
22X higher.

Total compounds measured were 3.5X higher than freeze-dried.

Better Color and Texture - Banana Example

Freeze-dried: Muted color, chalky texture. 

Air Dried: Brown color, sticky, leathery texture.

GentleDried: Perfect color, full flavor, chewy or crunchy texture

More Nutrition Persevered - Key Components Tested

The GentleDry process preserves the majority of the nutritional content from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Various fruits were tested by a third party lab for key nutritional components. The results proved a significantly higher retention rate compared to freeze-dried and air-dried equivalents. 

GentleDry's rapid & gentle process with no freezing, no oxidizing, and mild heat = more nutrition preserved.