GentleDry Powders

more flavor, color & nutrition

 ✓ 100% natural and clean label 

 ✓ Preserving the nutrients

 ✓ Mill to any particle size, powder or fragment 

 ✓ Total traceability from farm to packet

 ✓ Made from upcycled fruit and vegetables 

 ✓ Intense flavor and aroma

 ✓ Microbiologically stable products

 ✓ High intensity of color preserved

 ✓ Only made from fresh produce  

 ✓ No freezing involved

 ✓ Minimum carbon footprint


Nutritional Powders, Smoothie mixes, Snack bars inclusions, 

Baking, Smoothies & Purées, Juices, Energy Mixes, 

Food Service.

GentleDry Fruit Options

Apple, Avocado, Ripe Banana, Blueberry,

Camu Camu, Ginger, Golden Berry, Lucuma

Mandarin, Mango, Maqui, Pineapple

Purple Corn, Strawberry, Turmeric, Yacon

Yellow Chili & More!